At SVMMARY, we're deeply immersed in the realm of broadcast journalism. We have forged partnerships with industry insiders who have worked for more than two decades in TV news writing and production. Our main account executive is a former TV news reporter, anchor, and producer with more than sixteen years of experience. And we routinely test our software with multiple users in active newsrooms. So, it's safe to say that we understand the pressures of tight deadlines, concise copy, and captivating teases.

Our mission is to support news teams in releasing content swiftly while minimizing costs, thereby increasing value within their organizations. Leveraging our technical expertise, we streamline content delivery for faster on-air broadcasts. SVMMARY harnesses the capabilities of large language models, such as those seen on ChatGPT, and further processes text to optimize efficiency for journalists. With our extensive experience in prompt engineering and large language models, we uniquely cater to our users' needs, generating newscast-worthy summarizations with nearly zero errors in a matter of seconds.

Who We Are

We are brothers born and raised in Southern California who love technology, family, and the beach!

Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Kumar stands out as a seasoned Information Services professional, boasting rich expertise in both Fintech and Corporate technology realms. He is committed to igniting innovation and fostering triumph within corporate settings. Vijay's forte lies in pioneering state-of-the-art technologies, orchestrating seamless system implementations, and rejuvenating product portfolios. His track record is marked by concrete achievements, driving business expansion, and instigating transformative shifts that bolster profitability through astute analysis and strategic problem-solving. Vijay's leadership ignites team excellence, nurturing a culture of collaboration and creativity that surpasses organizational milestones. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, he spearheads initiatives that propel companies forward amidst today's ever-evolving business landscape.

Rajay Kumar

Rajay Kumar, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Rajay Kumar is an accomplished technology professional with over a decade of experience in various leadership, consulting, and research positions. He has worked as a Research Programmer II at USC ICT, working with Artificially Intelligent AI Unity3D Machine Learning ML Agents to train neural networks using reinforcement learning. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, and completed both Bachelors, and Masters, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While a graduate student, he researched carbon nanotubes with Prof. Stephen Cronin. He has worked in various startups dealing with nanotechnology, augmented reality, and holography and has co-authored a patent that was acquired by Meta (formerly Facebook). He has been a Unity 3D developer for over ten years and has, in the past, created educational software built around tried-and-true gameplay concepts.